The Love (and Loss) of a Pet

My best friend had to put down one of his twin cats this morning after a 2 year battle with end-stage kidney failure. It was a painful set of circumstances, one that made me want to give our dog, Serena, a big hug last night and this morning.

While I had pets as a child, I had spent most of my adult life without one. Then, 7 years ago (might have that wrong, I’m sure my wife will correct me), I got my wife a dog for her birthday. I’ve never been a dog person, but my wife picked the perfect one, and I truly love our dog as a member of our family. I suspect I will be the one that cries the hardest when she passes away. There are days where it’s hard to take care of Serena. She’s a very moody dog, one that needs a LOT of attention. But it’s all worth it, especially when she’s showering our daughter with kisses and Catherine is giggling uncontrollably. Here’s a pic from a number of years ago, her first big snow.

SerenaAnd one more, for good measure:
I’m proud of my best friend for rescuing two cats two years ago. He wanted to rescue two kittens and raise them. Instead, the rescue agency he got the cats from misrepresented their age. They were roughly 11 years old, and one was very sickly. He had a choice. Refuse to keep the cats, since they hadn’t disclosed the age and medical conditions. He chose the other road. He gave them a loving home, one where they felt comfortable and loved by him. Myra, who he said goodbye to yesterday, leaves behind her quieter sister Zara, along with a host of memories, I’m sure.

So, for the 5 people who read my blog on a regular basis, I hope you’ll consider rescuing a pet if you’re so inclined. Rescuing a pet as opposed to buying one from a breeder can be harder. But it’s also one of the more fulfilling achievements of my life thus far.

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