Fire Coughlin (Subtitle:Or Hope He Retires)

So, the title of this post will sound like I’m bitter from today’s loss. No question, I’m very bitter about today’s loss. But I see very little to blame on Coughlin. Eli really looked horrible all day. The defense was playing great. But how good do you expect the defense to look when they are on the field for 10 minutes out of 15 in the 3rd quarter?

No, my reason for Coughlin’s departure came to me just now as I was watching one of the Steelers players talk in a very friendly manner, hugging his coach Mike Tomlin. This was during the 3rd quarter, not after the game. The thought that went through my head was, “Gee. We need a coach like that.” My mind then turned to young coaches we might get. It was at this point that I finally came to the realization that we’re losing Steve Spagnuolo this offseason. 5 hours ago, this didn’t matter, because we had a legitimate chance to make it back to, and win, the Super Bowl.

Now, we’re faced with the fact that were losing a great defensive coordinator. But wait, if Coughlin leaves, we can keep Spagnuolo. I haven’t heard anyone say this, it’s my own thinking. Why would anybody have suggested this before today? All the pundits had us in the Super Bowl.

It took a long time, but I’ve come to begrudgingly respect Coughlin. He won us a Super Bowl after all. But for the good of the current team, his time has come.

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