New York Giants

I normally spend the bye week evaluating how my team is doing at the midpoint of the season. Unfortunately, we were hampered with a bye in week 4, so there’s not much season to define yet. We’ve played three games:

1. vs. Washington: We came out gunning in the first half, but failed to perform in the second half.

2. at St. Louis: Utter domination of a horrible team.

3. vs. Cincinnati: I don’t know what to say. I didn’t see the game (more on that in my next blog post). The highlights showed a tremendously inconsistent team, our big problem most of last season.

So, where are we after week 4? Well, we “won” the first quarter of the season, but we were supposed to. 3 more relatively easy games against Seattle, Cleveland and San Fran make way for three games in a row against Pittsburgh, Dallas and Philly. We could be 8-1 at the end of that stretch, or 4-4. Who knows?

Blogging tomorrow on our recent trip to Seattle to watch the Seahawks vs. the Rams with a great friend who’s a lifelong Seattle fan (poor guy).

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