American Airlines Announces New Partnership With Casper For New In-Flight Bedding

It almost sounds like a t-shirt you might pick up on vacation.  I attended American Airlines Media Day this week and all I got was this pillow and blanket.

Tongue in cheek, because I really like the samples.  For those that don’t know Casper, they’re a start-up in the bed industry that’s taken the industry a bit by storm.  They’ll mail you a mattress and let you try it for a few months, then pick it up for free if you ultimately don’t like it.

During Media Day, we were shown some of the other products that will be rolled out.  The full lineup includes:

  • Mattress pad
  • Duvet
  • Pillow
  • Day blanket
  • Lumbar pillow
  • Pajamas
  • Slippers

Honestly, I didn’t know Casper even dabbled in most of these items. These will be rolled out on international routes, the major transcon routes and these additional long-haul flights:

  • Boston-LAX
  • JFK-Seattle
  • Miami-Seattle
  • Miami-SFO
  • Continental US to Hawaii
  • US to Certain South America Cities (MAR, MAO, BOG, CCS, CLO, GYE, LPB MDE, UIO, VVI)

Here are some images of the items on display:

The Final Two Pennies

Don’t take my word for how comfortable the new products are.  My specialized fleet of testers is hard at work today:

If you’re wondering which flights get which products, Gary Leff (who sat beside me during Media Day) got some more information after I headed to the airport.

I really like the products.  They compare favorably to the new United Polaris product I tested out last year.  I know a pillow or blanket shouldn’t be the reason you pick an airline.  But, I do think it’s a really nice touch.

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