StarMegaDO4-Frankfurt Lufthansa Welcome Reception

This is the 6th post in a series recapping my StarMegaDO4 trip.  I’m one of the organizers of the event and the last few days proved to be particularly challenging.  So, no more live blogging, just cleaning up on some old posts that didn’t get done during the trip.  Previous posts are: StarMegaDO4:  Getting Under Way StarMegaDO4: Sheraton Gateway LAX Review StarMegaDO4: Lufthansa LAX-FRA Departure And Star Alliance Lounge StarMegaDO4: LAX-FRA On a Lufthansa 747-400 StarMegaDO4:  Media Roundtable With Jeff Zidell and Other Hyatt Execs I woke up from almost […]

Hyatt Expanding In Europe

One of the knocks on Hyatt is that they have significantly less properties than the other large hotel companies.  Starwood is the next smallest after Hyatt and they have almost double the roughly 500 properties Hyatt has. That’s why it’s good to see them expanding in Europe.  Hyatt has announced plans for a Hyatt Place in Armenia.  Now, it’s not a luxurious full-service property, and Armenia is not currently on my radar for travel, but I like to see Hyatt fill in some gaps.  Hyatt Place has additional expansion planned […]