Washington Dulles International Airport

Still No TSA Pre-Check Upstairs Security Area

I blogged last week that Dulles Airport had announced the arrival of TSA Pre-Check. At that time, they told me that the actual security checkpoint would open as a regular checkpoint upstairs a few days later and Pre-Check would arrive on September 25th. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Didn’t think to snap a picture, but you can see some progress upstairs, though no open checkpoint. I was by there on Friday and just swung by again a few minutes ago on my way to a flight. More equipment is in […]

American Moving Aggresively to Trim Labor Cost

According to this Wall Street Journal article, American Airlines is set to trim about 20% of it’s non-union payroll through job reductions and benefit reductions. I wrote earlier about the closing of the Admirals Club at my home airport, Washington Dulles.  While I’m disappointed, I do understand the reality that AA is facing. When AA didn’t declare bankruptcy along with all the other airlines earlier in the last decade, I thought it was the noble thing to do.  Now it looks like that decision has hurt them. All signs point […]

TSA is Testing New Automation Technology for Boarding Passes

According to this piece in the USA Today, TSA is testing a machine that automatically authenticates most forms of identification.  They’re testing it at Washington Dulles (IAD), my home airport, so I may get to try it soon. I don’t really view this as a huge enhancement by the TSA that will speed up my experience.  I’m sure it will help weed out a few fraudulent documents, but I don’t really view that as speeding up the process. What I do find impressive here is a demonstration, if only an […]