Travel Ban

Europe Is Closed To Americans, Canada Too. What’s The Human Side?

Aside from all of the fear over the past 90 days (wow, has it really only been a few months?) while the COVID-19 pandemic ramped up in the US, there have been so many interesting things to watch in the world of travel.  How does an airline go from full planes to virtually empty, with hundreds of planes grounded?  If you’re a government agency, how do you effectively enforce a quarantine?  These are very, very different issues than what we normally deal with.  And, now that people are starting to […]

Officials In Europe Confirming The US Is Preparing To Expand Laptop Ban On Planes

A few days ago I discussed rumors that the United States was preparing to ban laptops and larger electronics on flights originating in Europe.  This would be a massive expansion of the electronics ban to a limited number of countries in the Middle East. There now appears to be confirmation from European officials that the US will move forward with a much wider ban of large electronics on all flights originating from Europe bound for the US. It appears this will be announced tomorrow.  There’s some ambiguity about what sorts of […]