South Carolina

Is Boeing Getting A Union At Their Non-Union Plant?

Boeing has long been a stalwart in the Seattle area, boasting multiple campuses and over 80,000 employees across Washington State.  In the late part of the last decade, Boeing was having labor troubles and opened up a bid process to build a new facility to support the growth of the 787. Union employees said it was retaliation for contract negotiations.  Boeing said it wasn’t so.  The moral of the story was a new facility in South Carolina.  What did South Carolina offer?  Lots of tax incentives.  And, a right-to-work state. […]

Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ in Kansas City Proves Me Wrong

I’ve said more than once (heck more than a couple dozen times) that if you want great BBQ, you go to Texas.  Texas has some really great BBQ. Black’s is one of my favorites, and I enjoy Iron Works in Austin proper.  Hard 8 near DFW is another favorite. Franklin in Austin was okay but didn’t quite live up the hype, IMO.  Besides, I’m not sure I would wait in line 2 hours for pretty much any restaurant. I’ve had plenty of folks tell me there’s good BBQ outside of […]

What Does The Recent Boeing Union Vote Mean For The 777X?

The Boeing machinists union rejected a new contract offer from Boeing just about a week ago.  I was actually in the camp that thought they would accept the offer, though probably not by a wide margin.  Instead, they soundly rejected it by a margin of 2 to 1. For those that haven’t been following along, Boeing was offering the union a lengthy extension to their current contract but with concessions.  Some of those concessions were painful, like moving to a 401K style retirement plan instead of a defined pension.  But, […]