Plane crash

Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 Pilots Initially Followed Correct Steps Before Plane Crash

The pilots of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 that crashed shortly after takeoff appear to have initially followed proper procedures.  They disabled power to electric motors that control the MCAS system.  The MCAS system is believed to be a contributing factor to both this crash and the crash of Lion Air Flight 610.  Both flights were operated by the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft.  The MCAS system automatically pushes the nose of the plane down to prevent stalls. According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, the pilots diverted from the prescribed […]

Germanwings Flight From BCN to DUS Believed To Have Crashed

The news isn’t good about Germanwings flight #4U9525 from Barcelona to Dusseldorf.  Early reports are that the plane crashed in southern France, with the outlook on survivors grim.  It’s been a disheartening time for plane crashes as of late with Malaysia Airlines and Air Asia flights going down.  If this report is true, it’s another sad tale. I’ve been following updates from flightradar24 and John Walton on Twitter (courtesy of real_jetsetr) that initially alerted me.  My heart goes out to the passengers and crew onboard, as well as their loved […]

Asiana Flight 214 Crashes At SFO; UPDATED: 2 Passengers Deceased

It’s very early on, but reports are that all passengers and crew escaped a pretty bad looking crash at SFO about an hour ago.  Here’s one of the initial reports.       **No, you can’t actually click on the last image to play, just a really clear image of what happened.   If everyone did get off the plane alive, that’s a testimony to a well-built plane.  I’m biased as a Boeing guy, but this looks like a very hard crash.  The tail is gone and one engine is […]