This is True Pizza In Motion!

“The Internet” is an awful big place, and it’s easy to miss something relevant and/or funny.  That’s why I’m very thankful to reader Kathryn Creedy for pointing out this very relevant YouTube video! Winair and Domino’s teamed up for this trip, delivering a fresh, hot pizza from St. Maarten to Saba in less than 30 minutes. True Pizza In Motion.  Delivery in 30 minutes or less is possible.  Randy Petersen, wherever you are, for every time you’ve asked…..

Recapping The First Pizza In Motion Happy Hour

What do you get when you mix a bathtub-sized glass filled with something green, pizza and travel geeks?  My first happy hour event for blog readers, held at Generous George’s in Herndon, VA.   No, I have no idea what was actually in the green bathtub.  20 or so of my readers and their family got together for some pizza.  The kids got to make their own pizza while the adults traded travel tips.   I enjoyed getting a chance to meet some of my readers and answer some questions, […]

Mileage Run vs. Ignorance. Ignorance Wins! I Heart Choice Plus Fares

I’d say I do this at least once every two years, maybe as frequently as once a year.  Be honest, after you’ve read my recap, have you ever done the same? I had a mileage run scheduled for today.  I was running behind on re-qualification for American Airlines Executive Platinum status, the status I covet most.  So, I booked a quick same-day turnaround from IAD to LAX and back.  I was leaving around 10am, would be back at 10pm and would have wifi the whole day so plenty of time […]