My Interview With American Airlines Senior VP Kurt Stache

Just over a week ago I had the chance to participate in the retirement of the American Airlines MD-80 at a celebration in Roswell, New Mexico.  Taxiing past the rows of retired airplanes, we arrived at a hangar where we got to hear stories from team members on the history of the Mad Dog as well as crawl on some MD-80s ourselves. When I got invited to the event, I asked American Airlines if they could make time with an executive to talk about the MD-80 retirement and what the […]

American Airlines Gives The MD-80 A Super Send-Off

American Airlines retired the last of their MD-80 aircraft this week. You might be wondering why that’s significant. Heck, for you it might not be. For me, it represents well over 500 hours of time in the air. The Mad Dog and I grew old together in the sky. For one of us, that journey has come to an end.

American Airlines Fleet Gets Bigger While It Gets Smaller

It also gets a bit more contemporary. American Airlines is actually scheduled to shrink the size of the fleet slightly (30 planes out of the mainline fleet of close to 1,000) but is shrinking it in the right areas while adding strategic aircraft for the future.  As usual, Terry Maxon at the Dallas Morning News provides us all the salient details. The biggest drop is in the MD-80s, which are the planes people generally like the least.  I’ve actually never minded the planes myself other than the lack of standard […]