Home improvement

It’s Lowe’s This Week. 6 Miles Per Dollar Spent!

Don’t forget to enter my giveaways for a Bubble Bum and 5,000 Ultimate Rewards points. Last week, the best offer for home improvement purchases was at Home Depot.  This week it’s at Lowe’s.  Through April 20th earn 6 miles per dollar on all your Lowe’s purchases: As I mentioned last week, offers like this are generally good with in-store pickups.  So, if you find yourself in a store doing some appliance shopping, find the best deal and then make sure you login to a shopping portal to buy before you […]

Home Depot Purchases Earn 6 Miles/$ Through April 13th

Just another page in the book about making sure you’re earning maximum points for all those everyday purchases.  The AAdvantage eShopping portal is offering 6 miles per dollar spent at HomeDepot.com through April 13th.   I had thought that Lowe’s was offering 6 miles per dollar as well (as indicated here by Mommy Points), but that may just have been a temporary offer. So, unless you’re using the stackable Chase Freedom bonus that Mommy Points refers to, this appears to be the best payout on purchases for around the house […]