Hertz Gold Plus Rewards

Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Takes A Devaluation, Gets Less Rewarding In Key Areas

Hertz Gold Plus Rewards was a solid plus for Hertz loyalists when the new format was released almost 2 years ago.  If you’re considering purchasing one of the Hertz Daily Getaways offers, this information may be of assistance.  There were a handful of really good rewards and a bunch more reasonable opportunities to get good value out of the program.  I wrote about some of those high value options a little over a year ago. Since then, and I’m not 100% sure when, Hertz Gold Plus Rewards changed the prices […]

Sick Value Out Of Hertz Gold Plus Rewards

For the miles and points junkie, it’s all about the deal.  With any deal, bigger is always better, right?  That’s our goal.  Find the biggest deals.  The game keeps changing which is what keeps it interesting.  I recently stumbled upon a wrinkle in the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards program that can provide such value.  I wrote about the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards program in the middle of last year and found some good (though not great) value.  The play there was mostly about diversity but I did find some good […]