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New Episode! Spirit Airlines Improving And Family Friendly Florida

We’ve got a full episode this week! We’re talking Norwegian Premium, Spirit Airlines Improvements, How To Save Money By Purchasing Hotel Points and Family-Friendly destinations in Florida you might not be thinking of.

The “Ultimate World Cruise” and 25% Amex Membership Rewards Bonus

The Best of the Rest is my effort to summarize all the travel stories that interested me on a daily basis. I don’t have time to write about them in length, but picked some of the best below. It’s a shortcut to find out what’s going on without reading dozens of travel blogs to get the best info.

New Episode! Southwest Companion Pass, Free Bose Headphones And Wi-Fi. Lots of Wi-Fi!

Hope you enjoy this week’s episode! We’ve got Seth from Paxex.Aero doing a deep dive on in-flight internet and Jen from Deals We Like talking about the Southwest Companion Pass. And, Seth and I get into it on a few current events.