Flight Attendants At American Get Their Raise After All

I’ll admit, I was a little surprised when I saw that management at American Airlines had agreed to give flight attendants the $81 million a year they lost in arbitration just a week ago. This struck me almost immediately as a really solid decision by management.  Given that American Airlines generated almost $1 billion in profit in the most recent fiscal quarter, giving $81 million a year that the flight attendants collectively talked themselves out of certainly should help smooth the relationship further.  There were reports that some flight attendants […]

Stalled Again With AA Pilots

There’s been plenty of press over the last few months about possible progress between the pilot’s union and American Airlines.  At times the pilots have seemed delusional but recent reports seemed to indicate things were moving closer. Oddly, it seems we may be all the way back at the beginning now.  Recent reports indicate the talks have stalled over the same two issues that have existed for quite some time, pay and the ability for AA to outsource regional jet routes to third parties. The article is entitled “American Airlines, […]