American Airlines Pilots Agree To New Contract

With virtually all of the pilots participating in the vote, the union has approved the contract offer from management by a margin of almost 2:1. Initial reaction from the union after receiving 23% raises immediately, retroactive to December, an additional 3% increase retroactive to January 1 and another 3% next year? “By voting in favor of the JCBA, our pilots will benefit from higher pay rates. In effect, the pilots of American Airlines made a business decision,” Wilson said in a statement. “APA will now focus on further engagement with […]

Flight Attendants May Be Getting Along, But There Are Still Dark Clouds For The New American Airlines And The Pilots’ Unions

After 6 years of bickering, the US Airways pilots’ union wants to fight just a bit more. They’ve sued US Airways, American Airlines and the Allied Pilots Association to force binding arbitration to determine pilot seniority, even though they didn’t agree with the last binding arbitration.