Airport Lounge

First Look: Capital One Lounge At Washington-Dulles Airport

Capital One has been making big strides in the travel space the past few years. They started with the Venture X card, a credit card with a higher annual fee than you might normally expect from Capital One ($395). I have to imagine they knew they needed to punch above their weight to contend with the likes of American Express and Chase. Capital One put together a pretty nice suite of benefits for the card, including a pretty easy to use $300 annual travel credit you can use on their […]

Construction Pictures: Capital One Lounge At Dulles Looks Close To Being Ready

Capital One made a big splash on the lounge scene back in 2021 when it opened their first lounge at Dallas-Ft. Worth Airport (DFW). It seems every travel blogger I’ve ever heard of rushed out for a visit. Anticipation was high and it seemed the new lounge delivered. Since then, Capital One Venture X cardholders (the only cardholders with unlimited free access) have been wondering when the next lounge would open. While we don’t have a firm date for the lounge at Washington-Dulles International Airport we do have a much […]

American Express Begins Reopening Centurion Lounges

American Express has been able to boast some of the best airline lounges in the United States since they opened their first Centurion Lounge in 2013 at Las Vegas-McCarran International Airport.  When the pandemic began halting most travel in March, American Express closed all 12 of their lounges worldwide. While American, Delta and United Airlines temporarily closed a number of their lounges in the United States, they did keep some open.  Additionally, the Big 3 US airlines have slowly been reopening lounges and have also recently announced increases in the […]

A Quick Tour Through Istanbul’s Beautiful (And Huge!) New Airport

Every once in a while there are opportunities for me to feature content on Pizza in Motion that otherwise wouldn’t be possible.  Today’s post is an example of that.  I don’t have any plans to be in Turkey anytime soon,  But, my best friend David had a stopover at Istanbul’s new airport recently and offered to write a few paragraphs up for my readers.  Hope you enjoy! Hi everyone! I have a confession to make. I’m not Ed, and I’m not eating a doughnut.  But for this post I’m playing the part of Ed. […]

A Dress Code The Next Time You’re In An Airport Lounge?

Gone are the days where everyone got dresses to the nines when they were traveling on an airplane, but has our dress code while traveling gotten too casual? Qantas is ramping up enforcement of a “smart casual” dress code in their airport lounges.  While it’s not 100% clear what won’t be allowed, it seems that some folks are upset with their fellow traveler for dressing a bit too casual: Some frequent flyers have long complained about the tendency for some passengers to wear attire such as singlets, shorts and thongs […]