Air Canada

Another Airline Trying To Make A Go In Atlantic City

Atlantic City airport hasn’t done that well trying to establish destination air service to the area over the years. While Spirit Air has established a good alternative to PHL there, I suspect most of those people are South Jersey and Philly folks departing. This week marks new service that is definitely in the destination category.

A Spaceship Crashes, Air Canada Crushes (Their Customers). Travel Tidbits On Saturday, November 1, 2014

Hope everyone had a screaming Halloween.  Here’s a quick look at what’s going on elsewhere in the travel news world: Virgin Galactic lost one of their spaceships shortly after launch.  Sadly, one pilot lost his life in the quest for commercialization of space travel. Spirit Airlines is actually more generous at something meaningful than most carriers. Air Canada takes some heat over their social media strategy of “be honest”.   Definitely popcorn worthy stuff. After they were already getting beaten up pretty bad for nasty changes to their program. If you’re worried […]

Welcome To Halifax, Nova Scotia. Uh, That Really Big Plane Next To Us Looks Familiar

I have some family that live in the Halifax, Nova Scotia area that we try to visit each year.  Recently, we made our way up there via United and landed without incident, arriving at the international terminal.  Halifax airport isn’t small or big, though a lot closer to small.  It’s a very clean, well-organized airport that I truly do enjoy flying into and out of. Because of the relative size of the surrounding community there’s not a ton of air traffic at the airport.  Just about 3.5 million in passenger […]

Airplane Seats That Don’t Recline, Airlines That Don’t Want To Save Their Miles, Airlines Downgrading Passengers To A Low-Cost Carrier and a Husband Using Miles To Solve His Wife’s Issue. Things I Find Interesting On Saturday, May 31st, 2014

Here’s a quick peek at things I found of interest today in the world of travel: Would you trade the ability to recline in your airline seat for a convenient place to mount your tablet for in-flight “self-supplied” entertainment?  Monarch Airlines, a British low-cost carrier based at Luton airport, has installed a new seat that doesn’t recline but has a spot in the seat back in front of you to mount your tablet.  HT: uggboy on Milepoint. Is one major airline deciding there’s no money in selling miles to their […]

News And Notes For Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

Airline loyalty program puts a beat down on it’s members.  I don’t follow Air Canada all that closely for its loyalty program.  There was a time when they were one of the best programs, but they’ve shot themselves in the foot a few times through devaluations that have made them less popular.  But, reading this Milepoint thread the other day, I had to stop and read the first post again. You see, one of the benefits I enjoy most about being a top-tier member of a couple airline programs are […]

Milepoint Giveaways! A Seat on StarMegaDO 5 And A Free Rimowa Suitcase

I always think it’s pretty cool to win something unexpected.  But, I also enjoy watching somebody win something, probably almost as much as I like winning something myself.  That’s why I’m pretty happy about two contests we’re hosting on Milepoint right now: First, we’re giving away a free seat on StarMegaDO5.  If you haven’t been on a MegaDO yet, they’re the ultimate travel junkie field trip.  Visit Boeing in Seattle?  Check.  Fly to Europe and back for an overnight visit and hundreds of pounds of cheese?  Check!  First US charter […]