Bellagio-Something I’ve Never Heard Of

So, a friend of mine, Russell Rosenblum, is playing in a rebuy poker tournament in the Five Diamond Poker Classic at Bellagio right now. He called me to relay a story I’ve honestly never witnessed. I’m sure it’s happened before, but it’s a bit shocking. There were 3 people in a hand, with the board showing 2c 6c Qd 8c (for those that don’t play poker, that’s the deuce of clubs, the 6 of clubs, the Queen of diamonds and the eight of clubs). On the turn (after the 8 […]

Follow Me at the World Series of Poker

For those that know me well, you’re aware of my goal to play in the main event of The World Series of Poker. I’ve had a number of excuses over the last few years of why I didn’t play (not having a spare $10,000 lying around always seemed to be at the top of the list). Well, I’ve had a fairly successful run over the last few years in tournaments, and it’s time to take a shot. Starting Monday, I will be playing a couple of WSOP warmup events. Monday […]

Actual Poker Content

I just got back from a marathon 8-day trip to Las Vegas and Chicago on business. My apologies for slacking on blog entries. I got my first chance to play poker in quite some time, and ended up with an interesting/amusing hand. I played the nightly tournament at Venetian last week. It was the first live poker I’ve played in quite some time. I bought in about an hour late, but at the Venetian, as long as you buy in within the first 80 minutes, you get a full stack […]

A Deep Run at Venetian (Again)

So, I played the Noon tournament at Venetian on Tuesday. The tournament got 130+ entrants, which was both good and bad. Good, in that it was a decent sized field for payouts, bad in that we got just enough players for the tournament to pay 18 spots instead of 9. Things started out very well. With a starting stack of 7500, I was very quickly up to 17,000 with no truly memorable hands. I then got into a great zone where I was playing and reading very well. I flopped […]

Deep Run at Venetian

After landing in Vegas midday on Wednesday, I went over to Bellagio to sweat Russell in a $5K event that he had made the final table of. He busted 7th after getting a bit unlucky. With no other work projects to handle, I decided to play the $120 buy-in 7 pm tournament at the Venetian. Since I’d gotten up at 5:30 am EST, this was going to be a long night if I did well. We started with 7500 in chips. Before the first break, I had my stack up […]


I had to be in Philly for a meeting yesterday. Once I got checked into the hotel, I went back out to my car. Inevitably, the rental car turned East and headed to Borgata. Now, I really can’t stand going to Atlantic City. The only thing worse than the drive is the city itself. However, you can get off the highway and go right into the Borgata parking lot and avoid most of the ugliness. We got there 2 hours before the evening tournament started. A quick bite to eat, […]

World Series of Poker Table

Obviously, the most disappointing thing was that I wasn’t at the final table. Not far behind that would be how disappointing the coverage was. First, the geniuses running the WSOP decide to delay the final table of this event until November, to match up with the ESPN TV schedule. Then, inexplicably, they don’t show the event live. Instead, it’s played a day or so before the broadcast, and the winner seeps out on the internet. Now, I wasn’t one of those who mistakenly found out who the winner was early. […]


I’ve been in Vegas on business since Thursday, and haven’t stopped moving since. Thursday started with an early morning flight from the East Coast, a 6:00pm dinner meeting followed by a 9:30pm dinner meeting. I finally had some time to play poker on Saturday, heading over to The Venetian for their noon tournament. I made a deep run, and was positioned well for the money. I was laying down hands at the right time (folded a straight on the river when I was 100% certain my opponent had me beat). […]

Poker Friends in The Money

I have two friends who had significant cashes yesterday in poker tournaments. Neither did as well as they wanted, but both achievements are very notable. First, Matt Matros finished 7th at the WPT North American Championship in Niagara Falls. The tournament had 454 entries, each putting up $10,000. Matt walked away with just less than $100K. After having what I would consider to be a fantastic WSOP (Matt may have a different opinion), where he made two final tables and finished 78th out of 6844 entrants. I was able to […]