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For those that know me well, you’re aware of my goal to play in the main event of The World Series of Poker. I’ve had a number of excuses over the last few years of why I didn’t play (not having a spare $10,000 lying around always seemed to be at the top of the list).

Well, I’ve had a fairly successful run over the last few years in tournaments, and it’s time to take a shot. Starting Monday, I will be playing a couple of WSOP warmup events. Monday is a $2K No-Limit Hold ‘Em tournament. I’ll follow that up with a $1500 buy-in event in late June, then the main event, which starts on July 3rd.

I intend to update my blog throughout the day from my Blackberry so people can follow along. You can find plenty more information about the World Series of Poker at While I doubt my name will be mentioned that frequently during the early updates, you can follow along with live updates of Event #32 on the WSOP site as well.

Time to see how I stack up against the biggest live poker field in the world.

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