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As a road warrior I’m constantly looking for new tools to help me keep track of my travel. Delays and cancellations are probably as bad right now as I’ve ever seen them.  But, travel problems are always lurking, keeping me from getting where I need to go.  Over the years I’ve collected a number of tools that help me figure out when things are likely to go sideways.  Many of them are arcane websites with crappy technology or involve flipping through multiple screens just to get one bit of data.

The Flighty App eliminates all of that work.  They literally took me out of the nerd business, at least as it relates to tracking flights.  I interviewed the founder of Flighty on this week’s podcast if you want to hear all the details of the app.

The free version contains a bunch of goodies and the paid version is even better. In many cases they’re publishing delays 10-15 minutes earlier than the airline is.  If you travel on a regular basis you know that a 10-minute head start can make all the difference in the world.  Being the first one to search for alternate flights before the poop really hits the fan is a huge advantage.  The app is free to download and free to use forever, without even an e-mail signup.

They’re also one of the few companies I can recall who offer you a way to avoid those monthly recurring charges I hate so much.  It’s pricey, but you can buy a lifetime membership to Flighty Pro for $249.99.  Or, you can win it for free!

Flighty Pro has a number of really useful features such as calendar sync, email import of flights, Tripit sync and being able to see where your plane is 25 hours ahead of time.  All of these features can save you a bunch of time and make you a more successful road warrior.  And, the app looks just awesome.

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An annual membership to Flighty Pro costs $49.99 a year, though you can buy it on a monthly basis and just switch it on and off whenever you use it. And, probably one of my favorite features is there are no ads or artificial hurdles you have to click through.  Just a really clean interface with the information you need.

Win A Lifetime Flighty Pro Membership

Ok, ok, so you want to know how you win.  There are two ways to win and I encourage everyone to enter through both paths.  First, you can download the Flighty App (just for iOS right now).  It’s free to download.  Once you do, click on the little gear icon on the home page.  Scroll down and click on “Help & Feedback”.

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On the next screen, click “Say Hi!” and tell them you heard about Flighty on the Miles to Go podcast.  Flighty will select one winner for a lifetime Flighty Pro membership.

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We’re super thankful for Flighty giving us a lifetime membership to give away to one of you guys. And, I wanted to support the folks at Flighty so I’m purchasing a lifetime Flighty Pro membership to give away to another lucky winner.  There are a number of ways to enter to win that free membership, including following Flighty and I on Instagram and Twitter.  Lots of easy ways to win!  You can find all of them below.

Click here to view this promotion.

The Final Two Pennies

Flighty Pro is a road warrior’s dream.  It looks great and has tons of features that have already helped me avoid getting snarled in a nasty delay.  They even added one of the features from my wish list recently, a list of alternative flights when things start to go sideways.  It’s a huge help for me when I’m traveling. You should definitely download the app.  You get a free test of Flighty Pro on your first trip.  From there you can determine if it’s something you want to invest in.  I bought the lifetime membership pretty quickly.  And, you might just get lucky and win a free lifetime membership!

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