Hyatt Announces A New Promo For Q1 Of 2022

Hyatt has announced their first promotion of 2022.  As we enter 2022 questions remain about how “normal” the travel year will be.  This promotion seems to fit in the category of “normal” pre-pandemic, though it’s a bit more generous if you hold one of the Hyatt credit cards.  Here are the details of the new Bonus Journey promo:

  • World of Hyatt members can register now through March 15, 2022, to earn 2,022 Bonus Points for every two qualifying nights after registration, for up to 20 nights from January 15 through April 20, 2022. Eligible nights do not need to be consecutive to qualify for earning Bonus Points during the promotion period, for stays at over 1,000 locations worldwide, including:

  • World of Hyatt consumer and business credit cardmembers can earn an additional 1,000 Bonus Points per eligible stay, after registration, up to 10 stays during the promotion period, at 180+ participating hotels across 10 U.S. cities including Boston; Chicago; Dallas; Denver; Los Angeles; Nashville, Tenn.; New York City; San Francisco; Seattle; and Washington, D.C. Cardmembers can earn a maximum of 10,000 Bonus points under this offer. For a list of participating hotels, visit here.


Hyatt continues to focus on rewarding folks who hold one of their credit cards when it comes to promotions, which is something that generally sets them apart from other hotel loyalty programs. If you want a deeper dive into the new World of Hyatt Business credit card we’ve got you covered.

2,022 bonus points per every two nights (or just about 1,000 points per night) is a decent, but not overwhelming promotion. 1,000 bonus points per stay at urban properties for credit card holders is a solid benefit for road warriors with shorter stays.  This would be a more solid win if it covered all properties, or at least all North American hotels.  Still, with almost 200 hotels across those 10 cities, 3,022 bonus points for a 2-night stay at a property like the Hyatt Regency in Reston, VA is a worthwhile reason to choose Hyatt over Marriott or Hilton in the first few months of the year.

The Final Two Pennies

Is this promotion a signal of a return to more normal times for travel brands?  Planes have been more full lately even in the face of the new Omicron variant.  And, the hotels I’ve been staying at seem that way as well.  We’re likely past the point of over-the-top offers or rock bottom prices for hotel stays.  In many ways, that’s reassuring.  And, for folks who have a preference for the Hyatt brand, an extra 1,000 points per night should be enough to convince you to stay with Hyatt as the travel year gets started.

Go ahead and register now, even if you don’t plan to stay at a Hyatt during the promo period.  It’s free to register and will save you from losing out on points if your plans change and you find yourself booking a Hyatt last-minute.

As a side note, I wasn’t 100% sure I’d be able to write this story today.  My day job has been pretty time-consuming the past couple of years with all the disruptions COVID has brought.  It felt good to exercise the old writing muscles.  As always, I’m hopeful this is the beginning of a return to a more normal writing cadence for me.  Many of you have read this blog for 13+ years I’ve written it and I consider many of you friends.  Bringing you travel news has always been enjoyable for me.  The pandemic was the first time that writing here felt like “work” with the weight of everything else going on.  My fingers flew over the keyboard today, the words coming easy.  Here’s hoping that’s my new “normal”!

PS The featured image for this story dates back about fours years ago where one of my best friends in the travel world, Randy Petersen, and I ended up in Paris with his lovely bride and a mutual friend of ours.  It was so typical for us to just hop over an ocean to meet friends and enjoy each other’s company.  I sincerely hope a return to that “normal” is right around the corner.

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