HURRY: As Low As $245 ROUND-TRIP Business Class To Europe Through This Summer

I’ll keep this short so you can have as much time to book as possible, and I’ll update the post with some more details shortly.  There are business class fares from several US cities to several European cities for as low as ~$250 round-trip.  Miles Talk and View From The Wing have some examples.

Remember that you have 24 hours to cancel any flight you book that departs or arrives in the US with no penalty.

While this fare is bookable with a few OTAs, my recommendation is to search on Google Flights and then choose the option to book on TAP Portugal’s website.  Why?  TAP has a program where they’ll let you add up to a 5-day stopover in Lisbon or Porto FREE.

The TAP site is moving very slowly right now and throwing a bunch of errors.  But, I was able to get the stopover screen to pop up and I was able to get far enough in the booking process to believe I could have booked the fare. I’ve also spoken with some folks who were able to book tickets in the $250 price range tonight on this fare deal.  Given the conditions I see right now, I doubt this fare lasts long.

Edited to add:

Okay, now that my article on the deal is published, a few other details:

  • You’ll need to be persistent with this one, likely refreshing often and even having to start over with a booking engine.
  • You should WAIT to book anything non-refundable (hotels, excursions, etc) for a few days in case TAP Portugal decides not to honor these fares.
  • $250 change fee essentially makes the cheapest tickets worthless if you can’t travel on your scheduled dates.  You might get some COVID forgiveness, but I wouldn’t bet on it.
  • I’ve flown business class a few times on TAP Portugal.  They’re not exceptional but I’ve found the cabin service friendly, the seats comfortable and the food adequate.
  • If you do find a free stopover in Lisbon or Porto, take it.  Both are incredibly lovely cities.  And, a longer stopover of 4 or 5 days would allow you to buy a cheap ticket to the Azores to tack on another wonderful destination.
  • I’ve been to Lisbon, Porto and the Azores.  I need to go back and publish reviews of those destinations someday when time permits, but I’m happy to answer questions if you have any.
  • I’m seeing some $500-$600 round-trip fares in business class, which is still an incredible deal.
  • For my money, the absolute best business class seat is the one you can book within your budget.  If this isn’t in your budget, I get it.  But, we won’t see a better deal than this.

Happy hunting!

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  1. Thanks, Ed. We just booked SFO-VIE for June with an optimistic attitude. We’re fully vaccinated geezers so we’ll see what happens.

  2. TAP is horrible, if you have any issues they wont take care of you. Im still dealing with them with a EU261 case back in Oct 2019. They agreed to pay but I still havent received a check. Buyer beware

  3. Even vaccinated, much is still closed because many people don’t want to have to walk around all day in a mask and customers/tourists are not showing up therefore in high enough numbers for shops/restaurants to bother to open. Source: I am an economic resident.

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