DEAL: Save On Alaska Airlines Gift Cards From Costco

Discounted gift cards represent one of the best ways to take advantage of travel deals during the pandemic.  With flexible change policies on virtually every airline, a gift card gives you even more ability to get the best deal.

Thanks to Denny for sending along this deal which should be appealing to folks who live out west and can enjoy the strength of Alaska Airlines’ network.

Costco is selling $500 Alaska Airlines gift cards for $449.99.  I guess that’s a $50.01 discount, but hopefully you’ll forgive me for the slight inaccuracy in the title. 😉

You are limited to 10 per member, but that’s a pretty hefty savings if you know you’ll use these.  They don’t have any expiration date and appear to be eligible for use on any tickets Alaska Airlines sells via their website.  I don’t have specific experience with and gift cards, but I have to imagine this is pretty straight forward.

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No idea how long this deal will last, but I wouldn’t sleep on it if you’re considering it.  Delta had a similar deal inside Costco warehouses earlier this year and it was only around for about a week before selling out (I may or may not have contributed to that sellout).  Good luck!

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