WHOA: A Week In A Maldives Overwater Villa For $2,000 (Refundable)

There have been some insane travel deals the past few months, but most of them have been for travel now (or in the near future).

Now, my buddy Richard Kerr has found an incredible deal on TravelZoo. For $2,000 you get 7 nights in an overwater villa, including all taxes and fees. It also seems to have pretty generous refund rules.

The resort appears to be called You and Me. And, it has a pretty awesome looking underwater restaurant (which you get to dine at once for free).

Two things to note. I’m one of the few travel bloggers who has never been to the Maldives. But, plenty of my friends have been and say incredible things about it.

Second, I’ve never bought anything from TravelZoo. But, plenty of my fellow bloggers have had positive experiences.

Now, whether you can get into the Maldives in the age of COVID-19 is anyone’s guess. But, the deal is good through 2022. And, you can add on nights (including a meal package) for $285 each.

If you don’t have access to a pile of hotel points, this is likely one of the best deals you’ll find for a week in the remote paradise.

My family and I are currently hanging in Hersheypark, so this is just a quick post to alert you to the deal. If I learn more later, I’ll update with more details.



    1. When I look at the resort directly their prices are about twice as much. Would you mind sharing the site you went to?
      Thank you,

  1. Please be more specific! Does this $2000.00 include meals? How about the cost of flights and who flies there? Is the resort open to the US visitors? What is the name of the resort? Please advise. Thanks.

    Bob C.- Houston, Texas

    1. Robert, sorry for the late replies. $2,000 includes some meals, but not all. Flights to the Maldives can be very expensive, though frequent flier miles can get you there easily as well. It is possible to get into the Maldives now as a US citizen, though that is highly subject to change.

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