SPECIAL GUEST: Hear Nomadic Matt Talk About His Experience Testing Positive For COVID-19

Two things to get folks motivated (both involving Nomadic Matt):

  • A first-hand account from the acclaimed Nomadic Matt about his experience testing positive for COVID-19
  • A chance to win a Q&A with Nomadic Matt

Hear Nomadic Matt Talk About COVID-19

I was eager to hear firsthand from Matt about his experience with COVID-19.  I’m a big fan of the Nomadic Matt community he’s built over the years.  Matt caught up with me to share his symptoms, how he got tested and what different countries have looked like during the coronavirus crisis.  It’s absolutely one of the most interesting segments I’ve recorded for the podcast.  Side note: I had a problem with my microphone and my audio doesn’t sound the best.  I’m super nerdy about good audio quality, so I hope the slight lack of quality doesn’t get in the way of you hearing Matt’s story.

Win a Q&A With Nomadic Matt

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