This Hotel Wants To Watch You & Half-Priced Google Pixel 4

I’m taking the dive into another format change on the NowBoarding podcast!  I’ll be joining you 5 days a week, Monday through Friday.  I’ll bring you the day’s travel news in 7 minutes or less.  Here’s the first episode in the new format:


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Full Transcript:

Change is constant in this world and I’m changing the podcast format again. There are travel deals every day and I hear from so many of you that you miss out on the best of them. So, 5 days a week I’m going to put together a podcast episode with the best travel news around the internet. If you’ve got 7 minutes then you’ve got time to hear what’s going on in the world of travel.

Our first story this week is a heads-up to those of you traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday. There’s a pretty hefty snowstorm scheduled to hit Denver Monday and Tuesday. Denver Airport is a major hub for Frontier, Southwest and United. It could easily take a couple of days for things to normalize, so be prepared now with backup options if you’re flying this week.

It’s time for Black Friday sales, and if you’re in the market for a Google Pixel 4, there’s a great deal right now. Google is offering a 50% rebate on the price of any Google Pixel 4if you buy it by December 2nd. The rebate credit is in the form of a Google Fi credit.

There’s an incredible new option for your Hyatt points. World of Hyatt has a partnership with Small Luxury Hotels of the World, and One Mile at a Time has discovered a gem. Calala Island, a private Nicaraguan island, has rooms that you can redeem 40,000 Hyatt points per night for a junior suite. The property goes for over $2,000 a night and has a whopping 4 rooms. This is ultra-luxury, without a penny coming out of your pocket. I’m definitely booking this for my wife and I!

A hotel is charging $1 a night if you agree to let them livestream your stay on YouTube. The Asahi Ryokan hotel in Japan will rent you a room for a dollar, if you’re willing to be on stage. There’s no audio and cameras are pointed away from the bathroom area. Everything else is fair game. Would you do this to save $30?

Our final story today is that Costco is apparently selling Super Bowl tickets. The Super Bowl is in Miami this year, and you can get 2 tickets for a hefty price. The packages come with a ton of Costco cash cards, which you can totally send my way if you can’t find a use for them.

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