The Best Portable Tech I’ve Seen In A While

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Those of you that follow my blog on a regular basis know I’m a big fan of Anker products.  Their batteries have had a place in my backpack for years.  I use their cables and a power strips as well.  In fact, I have a new power cube that I bought from them that I need to write a review about soon.

They released a product last year that caught my eye.  This might not appeal to everyone, but it was perfect for us.  I ended up buying one in the hopes that it would live up to expectations.  It sure did.  Meet the Capsule:

It’s a powerful projector the size of a can of soda.  Weighs about the same as well.  We’ve used our Capsule in our backyard for nighttime movies.  The kids have watched movies on the walls in the house, and even on the ceilings in their bedroom.  And, we’ve taken it on vacation with us to watch movies with friends.

Anker is releasing Capsule II, which is an enhanced version of the projector I own.  They have a Kickstarter campaign going on now for it where you can essentially get a $200 discount off the retail price of a Capsule II.

Some of the new features include a higher quality picture (it’s pretty badass now), built-in Google Chromecast to go with a whole slew of other apps and faster battery charging.  We were able to stream most of our content directly to the Anker using the apps available.  For iTunes movies, we did have to use a lightning-to-HDMI adapter from an iPad, but that worked just fine.

The Final Two Pennies

As with most Anker products I’ve purchased, they only get better as Anker continues to innovate.  I’m not 100% ready to trade-in the Capsule I have.  We’re really happy with it.  But, our success with version one gives me plenty of confidence to recommend the new one.  Unlike other Kickbooster projects, my confidence level on Anker delivered is also quite high.  They’ve become a big, successful company and have cranked out a handful of these products through Kickbooster campaigns (assumedly for marketing/buzz).

If you buy one, promise you’ll invite me over to see the improvements.  I’ll bring the popcorn!


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  1. Love it! We have the original Nebula Capsule as well and it has been great for meetings and hotel rooms with the kids. Just not sure if the price of the new one, even with the discount, is something I would do. The original one is still great for our uses as well (not HD but that’s fine).

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