Today Only: Why You Should Consider Buying Hertz Gold Rewards Points

Daily Getaways has 3 Hertz packages for sale today that you should definitely take a look at.  I’m normally not a fan of buying points.  But, there are a couple of different ways to get a ton of value from Hertz points.

You can find the 3 items for sale on the Daily Getaways section at 1pm ET today.

Getting Value From Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Points

Getting value from Hertz Gold Plus Rewards points is a bit more challenging than it used to be.  But, there’s still pockets of really good value.  My favorite use of Hertz Gold Plus Rewards points is for one-way rentals.  A weekly one-way rental is 5,500 points.  That would cost you $280 today.  I’ve seen one-way rentals as much as $1,000.  That’s why I keep a stash of Hertz Gold Plus Rewards points.

If you like nicer cars or need the space of an SUV for an upcoming trip, you can cash in 4,400 points for a weekly rental of a specialty vehicle.  The cost today would be that same $280, and you’d even have a few points leftover.

The Final Two Pennies

If you’re just looking for the cheapest, smallest rental cars available, this might not be a great fit.  Need a one-way rental, SUV or a minivan?  Plenty to save on today.  If you’re interested, I would be ready right at 1pm EDT.  I generally hang out up to 15 minutes after in case someone doesn’t complete their sale if I don’t snag one right away.

Happy hunting!

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  1. Was able to get the 5500 Hertz points for $280. 3rd time i’ve been successful in last 5 years or so. F5 is definitely my friend! 🙂

    1. Yes! I got the 16,500 package and luckily discovered F5 just before. With how few packages they have, those couple seconds make a difference. I think this is the 3rd package I’ve gotten from Hertz in the last 7 or so years. Got some great value on mini-vans and SUVs that were being quoted at $400+ a week. I’ve even discovered that if you book REALLY far in advance (10+ months) before they’ve uploaded blackout dates for the off-peak rates, you can get the off-peak rates for dates that later become peak rates. Have done that several times over spring break period in Florida.

      1. David, great tip on avoiding peak rates. I ran into those in Orlando last year. I guess you were one of the guys I was competing against this year. I struck out. Glad to hear you scored one!

  2. This is one of the one Daily Getaway deals I always try to get. One of my favorite redemptions is the weekly Adrenaline rentals as I’ve been able to get a week rental in a Corvette Stingray and Mustang GT-H for $350 a week because of this deal.

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