10 Off The Beaten Path Destinations To Visit In 2018

I love travel “window shopping”.  Sometimes it’s looking at other blogs for reviews of new destinations.  Other times it’s reading lists, like the 52 Places To Visit in 2018 from the NY Times.  Any way you look at it, I’m always looking to add to my travel wish list.

I read over a hundred blogs on a regular basis.  I’m literally never as caught up on my blog reading as I want to be.  One of the blogs I keep an eye on is from an author that doesn’t post frequently.  The Adventures of Lil Nicki is true “off-the-beaten-path” travel.

Nicki put together her 10 places to consider in 2018.  This is not your “normal” list.  This is an aggressive, no holds barred way to see some truly special places.

Antarctica, Tajikistan, Afghanistan.  And more.  Absolutely not your average list.  And, since she has tons of first-hand experience in far away places, absolutely worth reading.

The Final Two Pennies

Everyone has a wish list.  Most people have a travel wish list.  I hear Rome, Paris, Sydney all the time.  And, they’re great destinations.  Click on one of those links and you’ll see how much I enjoyed them.

But, Nicki pushes boundaries with her travel.  So does Stefan from Rapid Travel Chai.  And, Seth from Wandering Aramean.  I’d encourage you to think outside of your travel comfort zone.  Maybe Afghanistan isn’t on your radar.  There’s a thousand other places that could be.

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    1. Alyssa, I get it. But, look at it from the standpoint of opening your mind to destinations you might not have otherwise considered. Some of my friends have never left the US. So, for them, going to the Bahamas would be outside of their comfort zone.

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