Disneyland Suffers Power Outage Shutting Down A Dozen Rides

Power outages seem to be in vogue this month. Apparently, Disneyland in California suffered a power outage today affecting a decent chunk of the attractions.

As reported earlier by The Points Guy,¬†there was a power outage in between Toontown and Fantasyland. This lead to a number of rides being shut down and some “happy” unhappy folks posting about it on Twitter.


It will surprise me if Disney didn’t offer refunds to folks who complain. Customer service is something they really excel at.

The Final Two Pennies

On the heels of the massive Atlanta Airport power outage, it’s interesting to see another big infrastructure piece have a major power issue.

I would imagine this was brutal for parkgoers and staff (or cast members, as Disney likes to call them) on one of the busiest days of the year at Disneyland.

This is an insane time of year to consider a Disney trip in general. I saw someone post a 75-minute wait for the Jungle Cruise at Disney World earlier this week.

I just can’t imagine that’s much fun. Add in a power outage and I bet that makes for a rough day.

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  1. More importantly, as with the mess in Atlanta, where is the redundant power system. With so much as stake, there are lots of ways to provide backup power. It would likely take up to half an hour to turn switches and start up the system, but there are power generators large enough to power a small city on the market. They are built in and hard connected, usually to a natural gas supply. GE makes some great ones. Not inexpensive, but less costly than the negative images generated by not have the back up in place

    1. Jay, I’m much more concerned about Atlanta Airport not having redundancy. Disneyland, given when it was built, may be constrained in what they can build in for redundancy. I’d expect more out of Disney World and newer parks. But, it’s a good point.

      1. I agree that Hartsfield is a bigger issue. I can’t wait to read the final versions of the autopsies that are being done down there.The finger pointing will take on a life of its own, However, as with Disney, plenty of options were, and are available to the Airport. It simply(?) takes the will of elected officials to spend the money and since multiple government agencies are involved with the spending of voters money, it will take a while, but now that everyone has seen what the cost of failure is, I suspect the improvements will be made. We can get to Mars, so getting a back up power supply for the airport can be done. As for a solution for Disney, there is just one Board of Directors, so approval to spend the funds should be a lock know that the Board has seen what can go wrong. One or two lawsuits from park visitors who suffered some sort of trauma will get the attention of the Board.

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