American Airlines Offering A Pretty Cool Cadillac Driving Experience. Want To Come With Me?

I’m not necessarily a car guy, but I am a guy.  And, I like driving fast cars.  That’s why the invitation I got today from American Airlines AAdvantage for the Cadillac Truth + Dare Driving Experience sounded pretty cool.

It looks like Cadillac is featuring this experience in 4 cities (San Diego, Chicago, Cleveland and DC).  I’m not sure what the criteria is AAdvantage used for selecting members.  I’m currently an Executive Platinum member and have been for the last 10 years or so.  Here’s a bit more info on the event:

Cadillac Driving Experience

Cadillac Driving Experience

Cadillac Driving Experience

I found a video of last year’s event, which seems to have a slightly different agenda from this year’s event.

Want To Drive A 640HP Cadillac???

I’m pretty excited about being invited to the event.  It looks like I can invite a guest, so who wants to come????

I’ll be doing the Washington, DC one.  It’s at Fedex Field and I’ll be selecting Friday, October 6th.

Leave a comment here as to why you want to drive a super-fast Cadillac and I’ll pick someone this weekend to come along.

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  1. Hi Ed,

    Interesting event and glad you have the opportunity to go to it. Much like you, I don’t know too much about cars, but love the experience of being behind a wheel. Unlike you however, most of my travel involves driving (up and down the great Garden State). I drive 30,000 plus miles a year… and have been doing so for over 20 years.

    Still love driving… and would love to experience being behind the wheel of a car with this much power! I’m sure it is a much different experience than my Camry!


  2. Yaaas, this sounds awesome! I don’t know much about Cadillac but I’m sure this would be a blast. I live nearby in Alexandria, VA so I’d have no problem joining you if you’ll have me 😀

  3. I am replying not for myself but for my husband!

    He would be so thrilled with receiving the opportunity to attend this event with you! I call him a reckless driver but in reality he’s more of a race car driver– however to me, sitting in the passenger seat over the years, with him behind the wheel of our accord, pathfinder, S10, and now mxz, these aquired driving skills are something I’d rather for go! In addition to his love of driving fast he is also a huge Cadillac enthusiast! He has been wanting a CTS for a few years now, so this would really blow his mind!

    My husband and I also just found out we will be having our first child this December 1, after years of trying AND his birthday is October 3, so this would be the perfect exciting celebration belated birthday present for him before our little peanut arrives!

    I think it is so generous of you to offer to share this opportunity to a complete stranger. I know whoever you choose will be truly grateful!


  4. I just got an invite for Carrie Underwood show in LA. I’m an AA Plat. Maybe they are trying to offer experiences to customers based on what city they reside.

  5. Oh man oh man! I love Cadillacs, my first car at 16 was a honking 1980 Eldorado with the diesel, my most recent car was my dear dad’s sublime 2002 STS “retirement car” which he sold me for a token sum before he died. He had four, all as company cars while everyone else in his company picked Jags and Audis. He was always an American car guy, and passed that along to me. My brother lives in DC just briefly before his next deployment overseas, so this would not only be a golden opportunity to see him, but for both of us to experience Dad’s beloved Cadillac brand one more time together. He lives mostly abroad and this would be an incredible reconnection. I’m sure he would recommend some cool DC experiences for you. Thanks for the rocking blog man! I started the hobby only recently in 2015 and it’s changed my life. Whatever happens, keep posting good stuff.

  6. I’ve never driven anything more than 250hp. I have to believe there is a reason why :). Would be very cool to experience this.

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