More Sex Equals Bigger Vacation Discounts

Yes, this really exists.

The premise is that parents have less private time for, ahem, marital relations once they have kids.  So, this program provides bigger discounts for exotic vacations the more children you have.  You have to watch the video.

Special thanks to Onur for sharing the video.

They even have a loyalty program called “Do It Forever”, though I suspect it’s limited to residents of Denmark (the T&C don’t actually say that).  The premise is that they’re trying to help boost the birth rate by getting parents to take more vacations.

The Final Two Pennies

The biggest discount is only about $300, and you’ll need to have 3 kids to qualify.  No idea how they verify how many kids you have.  I can verify that the cost to feed and clothe 3 children far exceeds these discounts.

But, hey.  Do it For Denmark!

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