I Didn’t Choose You

Balancing a job with a lot of travel and my family can be tough at times.  Add in the time I spend on the blog and creating balance is, well, impossible.  Especially when I look at any free day as a potential to fly the family somewhere to explore.

I was gone for work quite a bit last week.  In case you’re wondering what the heck I do, you can see a video that the awesome folks from Clutch Studio put together.  It’s not a glamorous job, but it can be rewarding.

Now that I’m home, I want to catch up on that family time I missed.  But, I’ve also got a loyal following here on the blog that I want to stay in touch with.  The family is going different directions today due to previous commitments, so I made the choice to play a bit more with the kids versus putting together a detailed blog post this morning.  Instead, I’ve got this!

Spoiler alert.  The rest of the tower came down shortly after that.  I’ll catch up more with you guys tomorrow.


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  1. Kudos to you for making the right choice. As fun as blogging is, the memories of silly moments with your kids are far more important and memorable than the xth post of the day/month/year. Enjoy!

    1. Lee, you were a guinea pig for some tests Denny and I were running last night, hence the reply from Josh’s account on my blog. I really do enjoy blogging, but family is really important to me. Sometimes it’s hard to remember to prioritize those correctly. I’m glad I remembered on Saturday.

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