How People Are Doing Something Good On Thanksgiving (And You Can, Too)!

I remind myself often how lucky I am to get to travel to all the wonderful places I’ve been.  After all, how many people can go to Australia for free for a few days.  In fairness, many of you are wondering why the heck I would go for only a few days.  But, that’s not the point.

The point (other than the fact that I’m a bit nuts) is that today is a day to give thanks for the special people in our lives.  It’s also a great day to give thanks for our health, the roof over our heads and the ability to pay our bills.

Many of us who chase miles and points are fortunate to do so.  Lest we forget, a fellow blogger posted a nice reminder yesterday.

Whether you’re figuring out how to generate tons of miles or just trying to figure out if your kids/wife/husband needs one more gift, think about buying a toy for a kid that might not get one this holiday season.

Doing Something Good

Or, you could go a different route, one a bit more themed to our “hobby”.  I just pledged 25,000 miles to help someone get home for the holidays through Abroaders.  You can donate as little as 12,500 miles from a whole host of airline and credit card partners.

Abroaders is working to get people home to visit the ones they love during the holidays.  Right now, you can donate miles and they’ll match those miles up to a deserving person who needs to get home.  It started as a simple good gesture and has turned into a much broader effort.  I hope you’ll consider them if you’re thinking about doing something good to help others.

Come on, do something good today.  I promise, it won’t hurt.





  1. Hey Ed. I’m in for the donation. Thanks for the heads up and reminder of how blessed we are we who are able to make the most of the hobby.

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