Does Anyone Want To See My Lovehandles?

At first, I thought this would be the click-baitiest blog title I’d ever come up with.

But, then, I thought, “Is anyone really going to want to see my love handles?”  😀

This short story dates back to this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.  I saw a whole host of cool things and a bunch of things that were truly weird/useless IMO.

One of the things I found there was a good fit for me, but I’m guessing others will see as silly.  It’s called the Love Handle.

It’s a strap that glues to the back of your phone (or iPad) so you can keep better hold of it.  Since I had surgery on my arm last year to alleviate weakness in a couple of fingers, this worked out great for me.  I grabbed a sample at CES and stuck it to my phone, complete with their, ahem, trendy logo.


I’ve pretty much worn it out over the last 4 or 5 months, but I’m pretty sure I would have gotten my money’s worth, since they’re less than $10 a piece.  Fast forward to Friday, and one of my team members who came to CES with me showed how good a sense of humor she has.

Her name is Heather, and she hated the idea when I suggested we brand these for one of our companies as giveaways to customers.  She was probably right and I quickly forgot about it.  Then, a package showed up on my doorstep and I opened it up to find this:


So, now my phone looks like this:


At any rate, it gave me a good laugh and, as the last dork in the world who still believes the utility of a belt clip holster for cell phones presents no fashion issues, this fits me just fine.

If you’re a dweeb like me, you can buy them on Amazon for about $6 a piece.  Of course, it won’t have my cool logo on it.  But, if you ask nicely, I might send you one…

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  1. This is *actually* really cool…so much so that I’ve already ordered for a couple of these from amazon! But like you said, nothing beats one branded with the PIM logo! In fact, of the lot, I love the one with the gray fabric! #justsaying #hint ;-P

  2. I’m actually getting a bit of tendinitis in my phone-holding hand so I’d love one also.

  3. Carpal tunnel is driving me crazy! Until I’m forced to have surgery, one of you little Love Handles might just help….love the logo as well.

  4. Pizza, I broke my ankle in April while in Kyoto. (Passersby were solicitous and helpful and hotel staff beyond great!) Now that I’m home on crutches, and my already arthritic hands are seriously sore, I think it would be great to try one. And I’d much prefer your brand to a generic one.

  5. Hi Ed, if you have any remaining, i would appreciate one as well. Btw, i was there when you mentioned your line “Want to see my lovehandles?” to Keri at the meetup in Alexandria.

  6. I’m surprised these things haven’t taken off more, phones seem to be slicker now more than ever, both iPhone and Samsung varieties.

  7. For anyone who responded to this point, I have enough extra Love Handles to send you one. Shoot me your mailing address to ed -at- milepoint dot com and I’ll get it in the mail to you.

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