More Cheap Fares To Europe, Cheap Hotels In Rome, A $10 Uber Credit And Stupid Thieves

Here’s what I’m reading about today in the world of travel:

Cheap Flights of the Day: Still more good fares to Europe, this time on American with a bunch of $600 fares.

In Case You Missed It: The Champs-Elysees will start closing to automobile traffic more frequently.

United Airlines’ Global Premier upgrades get more useful with the announcement they can be used on ANA flights.  I was initially very excited when I saw the news, then I saw that it was only the top 3 fare classes in coach, which won’t make a huge difference for most travelers.  As Matthew points out, the real value here may be folks who are buying discounted business class tickets who can upgrade to first.

File this under “not all thieves are rocket scientists”.  A flight attendant was arrested and charged with stealing over 1,000 mini bottles of liquor while working.  The thing that was rolling around in my head on this one was why she bothered smuggling them off the plane in the first place.  Why not just pocket cash when people paid?  Then, I realized I must be wrong, since I assumed Delta doesn’t take cash on flights anymore.

I’m not a Delta expert, I rarely fly them.  So, I had to do a bit of checking, and found this fairly recent menu that contains the language “Delta Connection flights with single cabin service accept cash only”.  I guess it’s possible this flight attendant only worked regional flights with a first-class cabin, and thus didn’t have the means to steal the cash.  But, man.  This strikes me as odd.  Who’s buying mini bottles of booze on Craigslist????

A review of the Grand Hyatt Playa del Carmen.  I was excited when I learned this property was opening last year.  My wife and I celebrated our honeymoon just south of Cancun and spent a good amount of time in Playa del Carmen, so it still holds a fond spot in our travel memory.  This is definitely on our list now.

United Airlines rolls out kid-themed snack boxes, and at a decent price.  I think the domestic US airlines (and United specifically) do a pretty horrible job catering to kids.  Where airlines like Lufthansa roll out the red carpet, the go-to meal in the US is chicken fingers, and usually pretty bad ones.

There are two auctions ending on Luxury Travel Diary that I’m interested in (and you might be, too).  They’re definitely at opposite ends of the spectrum.  There’s two nights in a beautiful hotel in Rome for about $300.  In the opposite direction, there’s a 2-hour stay at Minute Suites for $10.  I’m actually bidding on this one for a blog review.  This would be much cheaper than a lounge day pass if you were looking for a shower off a long international flight.

$10 credit for existing Uber users.

There are some things you just can’t un-see.

Video of the largest cruise ship setting sail.

Don’t visit all 4 Disney World parks in one day.  Just don’t.

Did Plenti get better?  Worse?  If a loyalty program falls in the forest and there’s nobody there to hear it….

This is one of the more interesting (and odd) ways I’ve ever looked at the Freddie Awards.

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