Why Some “Offers” Aren’t Deals

Daily Getaways have been going on for 3 weeks now, and even though I missed reporting on a couple of good deals last week, there are still some deals to be had coming up.

To be clear, today’s offer is not one of them.

Today’s featured offer is for a 4-pack of 2-day tickets to Universal Studios in Hollywood.  The price is $500, and they list the estimated retail value at $596.

Except, they don’t currently appear to offer 2-day tickets for sale.

They offer 1-day tickets at prices ranging from $95 to $105 if you purchase online.  That would normally make me think that $500 for 4 2-day tickets is a good deal.

Universal Studios Hollywood

Then I saw the 2016 season pass for $119.  Even if you plan on going for just one trip, 4 season passes (which come with other benefits, but also some blackout dates) would set you back $476.

There might be folks who are going for two days in the summer and the season pass doesn’t work for them.  But, I found cached web pages where they offered 2-day tickets at a discount last year.

It just strikes me that you’re going to be able to find better deals than this, one way or another.  I would pass.

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