Cheap Flights To Cancun, Some Great Travel Auctions Ending Today And Remembering Challenger

Yesterday was our son’s 5th birthday.  The house is covered in silly string and he’s happy, but Mom and Dad are pretty darn tired.  Here’s what’s going on that you’ll be interested to read about:

Cheap Flight of the Day: Cancun for under $300 is a good place to start.  And, if Mickey is your thing, how about $78 to Orlando?

InsideFlyer Thread of the Day: What did you think of the American Airlines conference call on Friday?

The 30th anniversary of the Challenger explosion was this week.  The answer to the inevitable question….I believe I was in my 4th grade class.  I can’t recall if we had a TV in the classroom to watch the actual launch but I do remember watching TV of the news shortly after it happened.  I was a bit young to comprehend at the time.  When Columbia exploded many years later it brought back those memories.  Space exploration is such an awesome thing we’ve accomplished, and I know those that were lost knew the risks of their actions.  But, it’s still sad to see them lost in our quest to explore outer space.

Quite a few luxury travel auctions ending in the next 24 hours at really low prices:

$200 for 2 nights in a beautiful villa near Florence (prices are in British pounds, currently at about 150 GBP).

Less than $100 for 3 nights (4 people) at a private luxury villa in Goa, India.

Less than $200 for 7 nights in a Junior Suite at a seaside resort in Greece.

Avios (British Airways) is giving away a handful of 18,000 Avios prizes for Twitter or Facebook interaction (though if you live in Northern Ireland you can’t play).

3 nights at the Grand Hyatt Doha for $200.

There’s plenty of other auctions ending, these were just some of my favorites from the ones getting ready to close.

Marriott says they’re going to start expiring points in dormant accounts tomorrow.

IHG adds two new categories, making the most expensive award redemptions 60,000 points a night.  That’s only 300,000 points for a 5-night vacation…..

18-year old kid books a 10-ish hour flight instead of a 2-hour one to save $12.  And, see Berlin, of course.  Gotta start ’em young!

2 nights in a luxury log-cabin in Yosemite.  Make sure to enter this giveaway! Other than a brief drive into a part of Yosemite that was closed due to severe snow, I’ve never been.  I might need to enter this one…..

$1,000 Visa gift card giveaway!

Featured image courtesy of Judith Scharnowski on Pixabay.


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