Cheap Weekend Rentals As Low As $9.99/Day From Enterprise

Enterprise has announced a very affordable option for weekend rentals from their off-airport locations.  They’re offering rates as low as $9.99 a day through May 23, 2016 at all “neighborhood locations”, essentially everything but airport locations:


There are a few things I like about this promo:

  • They have promo rates for everything through a full-size car ($19.99/day), a bit more realistic for families.
  • The promo period is long and includes all participating locations (which would seem to be all neighborhood locations).
  • According to the T&C, you can use their pick-up and drop-off service to help coordinate a rental (though I doubt you could have them pick you up at an airport).
  • 100 free miles per day seems reasonable for short weekend rentals.

I do wish airport locations were included, though I get that the fees to operate at airports make rates like this a lot tougher to offer (and demand is higher there).  If you’re staying near the airport, it can make sense to take the hotel shuttle or taxi to your hotel and then arrange your rental car from there, especially given the high taxes and fees you’ll usually pay at an airport rental car location.  This offer won’t work for everyone, but it’s a solid offer to have in the market for the next 8 months.

Since it runs through May of next year, I would absolutely bookmark this offer.


    1. Ryan, no offense to Elkhart, but it doesn’t sound like the type of place that should have enough outsized demand on weekends that it would want to opt out of the promo. That’s disappointing. I checked a few locations in my neighborhood that looked eligible.

      1. Haha no offense taken! It’s relatively local to Notre Dame – good place to sleep and spend a little less money than trying to stay in South Bend for the game.

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