Remembering 9/11. Does Time Heal All Wounds?

I didn’t quite understand the significance Pearl Harbor held for those that lived through it until I lived through 9/11. On that tragic day in 2011, I was at work near Dulles Airport. We heard the reports start coming in and went outside to hear fighter jets scrambling from the airport.

12 years later this day still resonates for me along with millions of others. My thoughts today are with those who lost a loved one due to 9/11. And it’s worth the first responders and military folks who protect us every day.

I’ll be on an airplane today for my job. As a nation we overcame our fear to return to the air in the aftermath of 9/11.

But I can’t say time has healed these wounds. As my grandfather shared stories with me about his experience living through Pearl Harbor, I suspect I’ll be in that position for my children and grandchildren some day, helping them understand the context of a day we’ll never forget.

There will be plenty of time tomorrow to talk about this wonderful world of miles and points that I love. Today I’ll just quietly remember.

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  1. Ed called me at 6:30am Scottsdale while I was at the Merv Griffin Hilton Garden Inn. I had no idea what was going on, but when he said, “Turn on CNN”, I knew something was very wrong. I turned on the TV as the second tower was about to crumble. I was on business travel, so I spent 8 more days in Scottsdale, giving priority on the full flights to those who needed to leave. When I got on an AA 757 from PHX to DFW, I could tell the commercial aviation world had already changed. It’s never been the same since.

    1. I was just having a conversation with a member of our military who ended up standing beside me on a train at DFW. He’s headed home to Philadelphia for 10 days with his family. Definitely puts things into perspective. I miss my family when I travel but the members of our military make incredible sacrifices for our freedom.

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