When Is A Conference Center Not A Conference Center?

Gary commented on my Sheraton On The Falls post earlier, stating that the property is a convention center.

I replied back to him, pointing out that the SPG site actually refers to “conference centers” and not convention centers.  That being said, Gary’s link shows that SPG doesn’t actuallylist a type of property as “conference center”, though there are a few that have the term “conference center” in their name.  So, not sure if everything listed on SPG’s site as a “convention center” is considered a “conference center”.

If so, the funny part for me is the “convention center” in Punta Gorda, Florida.  With their largest meeting space holding 70 people, this property definitely seems to fit the mold of conference center.

I admit I am a bit biased in that I don’t think any property in the SPG system should be able to designate themselves a conference center.  Sheraton on the Falls has a ton of conference space, so probably should be included in the designation.

What’s your opinion?


  1. Actually Ed,

    These are not “Conference Centers” at all. These are Hotels that have meeting space. There is far more to it than a building with sleeping rooms and conference tables. Look for a moment at the website http://www.iacconline.org and you will find a listing of true conference centers. These centers, like the Airlie Center in Northern Virginia http://www.airlie.com are true Conference Centers with their primary focus on the meeting experince and on creating an environment for successfull meetings. Rather than an amenity, as hotels treat meeting space. At hese centers meetings are their Core business.

    1. Nothing like a conference center discussion to wake up the right wing readers! Glad to see you’re paying attention, KC. Starwood has a much more liberal definition of a conference center than IACC. Though I bet for the right amount of money, IACC would approve that Four Points in Punta Gorda. 🙂

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