Mommypoints Weighs In On a Few Things I’ve Discussed

Those of you that follow my blog have seen me link to Mommypoints for a number of things.  Well, she had two recent posts that I think are worth reviewing.

First is her review of the Hyatt 48 Lex.  You may have read my review from a couple weeks ago.  I really enjoyed this property and have heard others (including View From the Wing).  While I read Gary’s post when he made it, it’s always interesting to see what people say about a property after you’ve stayed there.

Mommypoints definitely liked the property, pretty much the same as I did.  I actually had a Terrace Studio reserved for a second stay there (the same room she stayed in), but opted to try out the Grand Hyatt post-renovation.  Sounds like I’ll be looking for that Terrace Studio next time!  Looks like Mommypoints spent her time in the restaurant where I spent my extra time in the health club.  I’ll give her a pass since she was sick.  😛

I think it’s interesting that when Gary stayed there he had a different experience with the breakfast benefit.  It sounds  like the Brass gift cards are a newer feature, and much more welcome.

Mommypoints also posted on the Best Western/TopGuest break-up.  Sigh. Always sorry to see mileage opportunities go away.

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  1. Stop being a Hyatt whore :P. (and mommy was on Hyatt points, so she at least had an excuse) The rooms/”suites” are tiny, the place in no way reflects the price they are charging. There are 10 places I’d rather stay in the hood at the same price, Andaz comes to mind if you need to continue to whore with Hyatt 😛

    1. No need to be so moody, Norwegian Thunder. We all have things we prefer. You, for example, stay at some properties I dislike because they have the right mattress firmness. Me being a Hyatt whore, I wanted to try a few new properties in NYC. If you had Melinda read the bigger words in the post to you, you would see that I plan on trying out Andaz 5th in the future. Unfortunately, for both of my recent stays it was sold out. I’ll try harder to meet your approval on future stays.

  2. You guys are funny! I agree I would pick other properties over that one at $400 – $500 per night (assuming they weren’t sold out), but at 15K points it is a great bargain!

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