Giants Win!

Another one where we had to sweat it going down the stretch!

It felt horrible to drive the ball twice in the second half and only come away with field goals.  We were still trailing by a couple of points, and their offensive line had done a great job stopping our defense.  And then, what I thought would happen started to happen.  We started to get to Brady.  Not a lot at first, but then enough to rattle him.

Then we get lucky that they drop a couple of passes, and it’s back in Eli’s hands to drive us for the win.

I’ve been sour on Tom Coughlin in the past.  I openly called for him to get fired right before the dramatic run to the 2008 Super Bowl win.  And yet, he’s now won us two Super Bowls.  Both against the only dynasty in the last 20 years (side note, it never gets old beating the Patriots).

And if you told me Eli would have more Super Bowl rings than his brother, I wouldn’t have believed that either.

And yet, here we are.  Pretty awesome!

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