Why I Believe The Giants Will Win The Super Bowl

It’s been a hot and cold year for the Giants.  I’ve watched our team win some games that I didn’t think we could win, and lose plenty of games we should have won.  Despite a large amount of injuries, we’re the healthiest we’ve been all year.

Our overall defense is not as strong as it has been in the past, but our defensive linemen are playing at an incredible level right now.  The Patriots defense is horrible.  As much as I hate Bill Belichick, he’s one of the greatest coaches in NFL history, and I’m sure he’ll have something dialed up for this game.

I think it’s likely that the Patriots will find some way to score early, and may even have a lead going into halftime.  In my opinion, this game will come down to our defensive line vs. their O-line.  If we can get to Brady in less than 3 seconds, we’ll knock him down and win the game.

If he has too much time to throw, our cornerbacks are weak and can be exploited by throwing over the top.  We are a bit prone to giving up the long ball.

I give the edge to our defense.  They’ll be able to wear down the Pats by the 3rd quarter, and our offense should be able to score fairly effectively on their defense.  I don’t predict a complete shoot-out as some do, but I suspect both teams will score in the high 20s or so.  I’ll say Giants 30, Patriots 24.

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