Lance In Colorado

I was lucky enough to find out that Lance Armstrong would be appearing in Denver, Colorado today.  He was here to announce the return of professional cycling to Colorado.  Thousands of cyclists and fans were there to cheer the announcement.

Lance gave a quick speech, telling the story of how the race came to pass in Colorado, then yielded the stage to some people from Quiznos, the primary sponsor of the event.

The first guy from Quiznos got up and told the audience how proud Quiznos was to be affiliated with the race, and how proud he was personally to bring bike racing back to the great state of California.  Yes, he flubbed it.  Someone in the audience was nice enough to point his mistake out to him, at which point the entire crowd started booing.  The guy froze mid-speech and put his hands up in the air, no idea what to do.

Lance walked back up to the podium, nudged him aside, and said into the microphone, “Hey, guys.  I’ve seen Springsteen do the same thing.”  At which point, everyone started laughing and returned to the festivities.

The video quality really blows, but I was able to record two short videos, both of which have pretty good audio.  I’ll try and get those posted soon.

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