Yankees Sign Pettitte

Andy Pettitte turned down a $10 million, 1-year guaranteed contract in November. In December, when the Yankees signed Mark Teixera, they took this deal of the table. Nobody was really sure if we’d seen the last of Pettitte, and I hoped we hadn’t.

Yesterday, the Yankees got their man. Andy signed a 1-year deal that guarantees him $5.5 million, but is heavy with incentives. He can earn up to $15.5 million if he has a good year.

Here’s my prediction. Knowing that we’ve got some great arms in the bullpen now, I predict that if Andy Pettitte makes more than $10 million this year, the Yankees will make the ALCS. Any support from Joba Chamberlain, Ian Kennedy, Phil Hughes or Phil Coke means we can win the ALCS.

Oh, and we need to stay healthy.

My prediction? Yankees win 95 games and make the playoffs. Is that enough to win the division? We’ll have to see.

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