The Science of Politics

The science of politics has always interested me more than the views of one party over another. This was never more evident to me than around 11:30pm EST last night. I didn’t vote for Obama, even though I did give him serious consideration. And yet, it was fascinating to watch the crowd in Grant Park.

I thought the concession speech by McCain represented his long history of strong values. Obama is definitely the best orator I’ve seen in a long time. The speech itself was fine. Not much new, most likely the product of a long-tired campaign. And yet, the speech and the atmosphere were still enchanting.

On the Senatorial side, it doesn’t appear the Dems got near 60, but I suspect, as Mondale said, 60 is more of a zone, especially with a group of Dems that can rarerly find harmony in their own ranks.

I eagerly await the next few months to see how the story unfolds.

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