Logan International Airport

Boeing 787 Fire Update: FAA Launching Investigation

There’s more news on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner today.  The FAA: plans to launch a top-priority review of the plane focusing on its electrical system and quality controls used in the manufacturing process. You can read the full piece in the Wall Stree Journal here. I’m not sure what a “top-priority review” is as it relates to a plane already in service, but it’s definitely not good.  The article also says that the review is related to other problems in the past but is being specifically initiated now because of […]

An Update On Yesterday’s 787 Fire

A number of media outlets are reporting that yesterday’s fire on a parked (and empty) JAL 787 at Boston Logan Airport point to a battery that is used to start-up the APU, or auxiliary power unit. If this is true, it’s an important distinction.  While a battery fire could happen at anytime, the auxiliary power unit is built to power the plane when it’s parked and the engines are off, not when the plane is flying, making it unlikely to cause a problem in-flight.  Not impossible, but less likely. I […]

Review: Hyatt Harborside at Boston’s Logan International Airport

Boy, Hyatt sure did give this property a long official name. I had a one-night stay at this property about two weeks ago, my first time staying there.  It’s located very close to Logan (BOS), but the hotel recommends calling for the shuttle to come pick you up.  I was arriving very late at night, so I suspected the wait might be longer than normal.  I decided to hoof it, since the walk was only just over a mile and I’m disgustingly out of shape based on my recent cholesterol […]