I’m A Member Of CLEAR Again

For those unaware, CLEAR was a program that pre-dated TSA PreCheck and allowed for a “skip the line pass”.  You still needed to go through traditional security screening, but you were pushed to the front of the line.  It started 2005-ish and perished about 4 years later.  It was purchased out of bankruptcy and restarted, though with significantly less airports than before. I was lucky enough to purchase a renewal for my wife and I just a month or so before they declared bankruptcy.  The company that bought their assets out […]

The Travel Gods Worked Against Me Yesterday. No, For Me. No, Against Me. No, For Me.

Any business traveler that tells you the life of a road warrior is glorious is, well, lying. Anybody who’s not a road warrior and thinks it’s the awesomest thing in the world, it’s really not. I’ve been very lucky the last few years to get stuck in very few serious delays. Part of that is being prepared, so that when things do go sideways you know what your options are. Here’s a quick breakdown of a normal travel day turned sour: After a full week on the road, I was […]